Opposition MP refuses to apologize for taking cannabis into Parliament

Opposition MP Honorable Terry Coe refused to apologize for taking cannabis into the Assembly earlier this year.

In an Assembly session in March this year, Coe had presented a parcel of marijuana. Following the incident, Coe has been under investigation by Police and also the Assembly committee to decide whether he breached parliamentary laws.

During the Assembly yesterday, Coe said he did not wish to apologize and he did what he had to in order to show how easily drugs can be brought into Niue and ask what the legislators are doing about it.

Coe said the issue of drugs needs to be discussed in the Assembly.

The opposition MP pointed out that he does not know what marijuana looks like adding that he does not know whether the small parcel given to him was in fact marijuana. He said he was only told by those who gave him the parcel that it contains marijuana.

The marijuana Coe said was from a function at the Matavai resort and there was also cocaine there.

Coe claims it is more effective to take the drugs into the Assembly  to raise awareness and generate discussions rather than to the police.

Story by Sofaia Koroitanoa

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