Power rationing continues, generators on ‘sleeping mode’ says Niue Power corp

Power generation is now functioning well again.

Niue Power General Manager Hui Paola says both generators on sleeping mode. Solar and Batteries took control of the power Island wide.

He said batteries are at 76.66 percent, with the sunshine out, Paola said he hope it stays like that for the rest of the day.

Earlier today, power outages continue affected the island mainly affecting the northern side with potential intermittent issues for the southern side.  

Paola said this was due to technical issues with the power generating system occurring around midnight last night.

Last month, Paola told BCN News the generator was expected to arrive on the July boat to help the existing generators. The solar and engine communications interface is still being monitored, with overcast weather overwhelming the existing generating system.

Private sector business at the commercial center estimate losses in excess of $1,000 if power is off for 24 hours. Business have asked if Kiwi bank’s standby generator could be used to run their business during power cuts. 

Kiwi bank’s Manager Wayne McCaughan acknowledges the concerns but explained this morning it’s still a work in progress to ensure support to the businesses in the centre. The centre holds two generators – one owned by Telecom and the other by Kiwi bank.

Story by Fiafia Rex

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