Frogfish discovered at Tepa point, Avatele

A rare finding, perhaps the first in Niue has been made of a frogfish seen at Tepa point, Avatele.

The frogfish which is a master of camouflage is often covered with spots, stripes, warts, skin flaps and filaments. The frogfish mimics substrate and structures like algae covered rocks or rubble, plants like Sargassum weed or algae, and animals like tunicates, corals and sponges.

Buccaneer adventures Operations Manager Tom Pegram reported the finding to BCN News when the discovery was made.

During their routine dive Tom informed that he’d noticed a stationary rock but with eyes, and upon closer inspection sure enough the rock was not a rock but a frogfish.

It’s not understood who has a species database here in Niue but the Niue Dive are happy to include it in Niue’s whale sightings and rare species App that’s currently under trial at the moment for apple.

Tepa also is perhaps one of Niue’s least explored biodiversity hub having also beyond 30 meters revealed species not seen in other parts of Niue.

The group highly encourage Niue’s agencies to explore further for species inventory as they believe it’s a biodiversity hub with Tepa Point in Avatele presenting not only important habitat but a popular congregating sight for whales and the resident spinner dolphins.

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