Climate change and transnational crimes key issues in regionalism discussions

Climate security, cyber bullying and transnational crime featured in discussions about Pacific regionalism with the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat team this morning.

The secretariat representatives are holding regional policy consultations with the civil society, government officials and the private sector.

According to Joel Nilon the Regional Advisor, the Forum Leaders has elevated climate change as a key priority and includes security of sovereignty and early warning systems. Human security and humanitarian assistance is also a key focus area particularly in response to natural disasters.

The team from the Secretariat says transnational crime such as the use of illicit drugs has been flagged as an increasing concern especially in the region and especially in Tonga.

While the use of illicit drugs is not a concern in Niue, there is concern over cyber bullying. The draft law on cyber protection is still in draft form which poses issues around lack of security for online users in Niue.

Attendants at the consultation this morning included the Chief of Police, the Border control officials and Crown Law officials.

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