Women council engage members in block printing

It was a great turnout at the National Council of Women where members got to work on block printing in a workshop.  

Tepori Teariki has travelled from Auckland representing the only registered Cook Island agency Ta’okota’i Anga Vaine-tini,that has over 70 members in their club with 56 full members.
Teariki arrived at the invitation of Niue’s National Council of Women and is supported by major sponsors Niue Chamber of Commerce as a means for business development and growth adding to the list of the many skills the women possess but as another avenue to generate revenue and tourist foot traffic for the group acknowledging also their desire to learn of the new skill.

Leader of the National Women’s Council Manogi Poumale said they’ve been wanting this workshop for some time and can see great value already in capacity building for the women but especially invited the youth with mention to the Niue High School Principal of whom is targeting those specifically in craft or design.  Apologizing in this respect that it’s held midweek a supplementary workshop may be considered later.


So far the reviews received have been great.  Teariki introduced the women to the skills of block printing but could see they were easily carried away in the excitement of testing their new skills, techniques and colors that the second part of the workshop which was quilting was easily neglected.

The invitation to learn block printing with the group as with quilting is extended to Niue’s wider community, both women and men and especially the youth on Wednesday February 27th and Thursday February 28th 2019 with a $10 entry fee.  

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