Support role of women in maritime sector says SPC

About twenty women work in Niue’s maritime sector.

Usually a male dominated sector, the Pacific Community is advocating for more women in the maritime sector and is currently holding workshops in Niue.

“We work with them to actually ensure that we capture the role of women , what are the values of women in actually participating and also reporting countries compliance for SDG 5 which is the United Nations Sustainable Goal which articulates the target for ensuring girls are achieving targets for empowerment for girls and women so that really sinks in when we come out to countries such as Niue so we work with your administration , we work with maritime port people, people who are in the space in the sector to actually start identifying where are the women out here to work with them to actually, we give them opportunities to give them funding opportunities, to actually alleviate the competencies.” said Ore Toua – Maritime Training Advisor

“Empowering Women in the Maritime Community” has been selected as the World Maritime Day theme for 2019.

This will provide an opportunity to raise awareness of the importance of gender equality, in line with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and to highlight the important contribution of women all over the world to the maritime sector.

“In some of the business case studies have indicated there is a woman bring a lot of nature component, the problem solving skills, negotiation skills, so traditionally men are linear so they only think about the end game whilst us for women we think about what would be the impacts ,what will be the effects, what’s  resources do we need, how much in cost , if we don’t do it what will be the effect so these are some sort of scientifically thinking that is actually being articulated when women actually come into the role, its not so much advancing to be in a position but it’s actually the value that we bring so there’s definitely economical value to it, the thinking parallel for male and women is naturally different.” said Toua

Ore Toua – Maritime Training Advisor

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