Study on Impact of NZ Aid on Niue’s Tourism


A thesis on  “Tourism Development in Niue and the Impact of NZ’s Aid” has been completed by  a Rosie Watson from the University of Otago.

It argues that “To increase independence of the tourism industry there should be funding allocated towards making tourism a self-sustaining function.”

Concluding statements included to say that more work needs to be done to ensure that a collaborative ethos is entrenched within the tourism industry.

This supportive environment is imperative for Niue ke Monuina– A prosperous Niue, and to reach the goals set out by the national development pillars, particularly for economic development and private sector development.

More consideration could be put into increasing the yield from Visiting Friends and Relatives Travellers and the yachting tourist markets.

Conversely, cruise-ship tourists tend to be considered an impractical and unprofitable market, and efforts to accommodate and prepare for an influx of customers by tourism operators are often futile on the few occasions cruise ships do anchor in Niue.

Poor infrastructure causes a major – although not the only – barrier to Niue becoming a high- end destination. If Niue continues to market itself as such there needs to be major improvements in roading, tourist facilities, activities and attractions.

There are currently no mainstream cultural experiences that play a significant role in Niue’s tourism industry. The most recent initiative is Sustainable Niue, and it will be critical to determine whether this (and other initiatives) are making a difference.

Rosie had 30 key informants in addition to air travellers as part of her research.

Rosie’s thesis is available online.


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