Local couple secure $10K from Fale Niue Monster Raffle

After much anticipation, the Fale Niue Monster Raffle was drawn last Thursday in the Cook Islands. 

According to Cook Islands Television news, the raffle raised over $400,000. 

Out of the 22 lucky prize winners, two were from the island including second prize winner of $10,000 went to a young couple from Alofi North-Kameha Harding and Haven Siosikefu and the 12th prize winner of $1,000 went to Ioane Mamaia from Liku. 

Second prize winner Haven says they are overwhelmed with joy

“Winning a prize in the Fale Niue Raffle has left us feeling incredibly grateful and overwhelmed with joy. To be named one of the prize winners was such a shock honestly.

Their lucky winning number was 5918. 

“Words cannot express the depth of gratitude we feel for this unexpected blessing.”

When asked what they will be doing with the prize money, Haven says their primary plan is to prioritise their family’s financial security by putting most of it into savings. 

“This ensures that we have a safety net for the future and can continue to provide for our two children,” says Haven. 

The couple also plan to give back to their parents and grandparents as a token of appreciation for their unwavering love and support. 

The first prize winner of the Fale Niue Monster Raffle for $30K went to Normavina.

According to the Fale Niue Kuki Aerani Building Project recent post on their Facebook, they will be providing live photo updates of the Fale Niue building project. 

The first stage will be clearing the land and the second to prepare the foundation to start. 

The money raised will go towards the construction of the Fale Niue located in Tupapa, Rarotonga in the Cook Islands.

It is said to consist 12 self-contained bedrooms.

The committee thanks all supporters of the project and to the raffle drawn last week.

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