Harriet Sionetama graduates as the ‘valedictorian’ from USP law school in Vanuatu

Valedictorian of USP law school, Vanuatu graduating class 2024 - Harriet Sionetama

Seeing our former Niue High School students completing their tertiary education and graduating from their respective fields of study has always been an honour for Niue and our people. 

Last week, 23-year-old Harriet Sionetama from the village of Tuapa Uhomotu graduated from the University of the South Pacific (USP) law school after four years studying at the Emalus campus in Vanuatu.  

She was crowned as the valedictorian of her graduating class where she also delivered the farewell speech at the graduation ceremony. She was one of 396 graduates. 

Harriet first pursued her Bachelors of Law degree in 2019. She was one of the NZ Manaaki Scholarship recipients who continued with their studies when covid-19 hit globally. 

When she returned to Niue during that time, Harriet still continued her studies online, while most of her peers studying at USP chose to discontinue. 

Now after four years of hardwork, dedication and commitment, she has finally graduated as the top student of her class. 

Harriet says she is truly blessed and grateful. She believes that a big part of her valedictory is the result of working hard as a promise to her dad who flew her to Vanuatu in her first year and not wanting to fail. 

Two proud parents Sione Pokau and Pats Sioneatama were able to attend her graduation and witness their daughter’s successful achievements. 

This is the first in a very long time since a young Niuean has graduated from law at USP. 

Harriet is currently undergoing her Post Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice, due to complete in June. She is also currently interning in one of the private law firms in Vanuatu as part of the program. 

Harriet is looking forward to returning home to family and friends and putting into practice all the lessons acquired from this achievement.

Recent former NHS students graduate from university

A continuation of our former Niue High School students who have graduated from university abroad most recently. 

NZ Manaaki recipient Shiloh Pasisi graduated last month with her bachelors degree from the University of Waikato in Hamilton. 

Earlier this week, graduating with her Masters of Social Work at the University of Auckland was Motoria Tano from Alofi North. 

Last year in December, Cristee Konelio from Lakepa graduated from the Fiji School of Nursing with her bachelors degree. 

BCN News will continue to provide future updates on university graduates as we progress.

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