Taoga Niue on upcoming events for the year

The Department of Taoga Niue were happy to share with BCN News two key events that they are looking forward to. 

Firstly, the Pacific Arts Festival will take place in Hawaii in June this year. Director of Taoga Niue Moira Enetama says preparations are well underway as they finalise members of the Niue’s group to attend this festival.

This week they will have a meeting with those who have put their interests forward to be part of the group and they will find out how many will be going, says Director Enetama.

Also looking ahead to the Taoga Niue calendar of events, there will be an exhibition display of arts and pictures. The exhibition will be based on the Niue Constitution since Niue became self-governing in 1974 to today.

This is scheduled to take place on September 3rd 2024. Moira says the reason they chose that particular date signifies the time when the people of Niue voted for Niue to be a self-governing nation.

Meanwhile, this week Taoga Niue worked closely with Award  winning Samoan Producer Tau’ili’ili Alpha Maiava who is on the island to conduct his research for a documentary on traditional instruments around the Pacific. The project is called ‘Indigenous Sounds of the Moana’.

Moira says she looks forward to the final outcome of this project in particular Niue’s story on its traditional instruments especially on the nose flute ‘kilikiliho’. A unique traditional Niue instrument that has faded away over time, with Talaiti being the last Niuean who played the nose flute.

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