Cool-Roof Reflect Project expected to commence in the coming months

Left to right: Sir Colin Tukuitonga and Dr Noah Bunkely

There is still much work to finalise before the Cool-Roof Reflect Research Project begins. 

BCN News caught up with the Auckland University research team on Monday led by Professor Sir Colin Tukuitonga. 

Sir Colin says that they are expecting to begin the study in July or August. 

The cool-roof project began in July last year. It is part of a global study on cool roof effectiveness on health, environmental and economic outcomes. 

Niue is one of four countries who are part of this study.

BCN News spoke with Auckland University PhD researcher and project manager Dr Noah Bunkley on Monday this week who gave the latest progress update of the project. 

University of Auckland PhD researcher and project manager Dr. Noah Bunkley

The team is yet to finalise the logistics, materials and data collectors who will be coming to Niue for the commencement of this project. 

University of Auckland PhD researcher and project manager Dr. Noah Bunkley

Sir Colin encourages locals on the island to accept the invitation from the project team when asked to be part of the study. The information collected from this study will also be shared to the world.

He also encourages the people to reach out to the team for more information. The local focal point for the project is Jamal Talagi-Veidreyaki. 

BCN News also spoke with Jamal this week. She says that the important thing the public should be aware of is to have knowledge on what the cool-roof project is all about. 

Jamal also shared that the study will need approximately 400 houses to participate in this project. 

The study will randomly select some of the houses that will have the resin painted on its iron roofing and the others without. 

The team will then conduct their research on houses with and without the resin for approximately 12 months. This is a three year project. 

The team will be returning to New Zealand this Friday.

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