Public concerns at Kaimiti junction road being ‘narrow’, Director of Utilities explains why

China Railway First Group contractors working at the Kaimiti junction area this week

Public concerns on the road constructions at the Kaimiti junction heading towards the Niue foou hospital being too ‘narrow’.

For a road that could allow two vehicles from opposite directions to drive through before is now only possible for one vehicle.

Department of Utilities Director Clinton Chapman shed light to these concerns. 

“In terms of the Kaimiti junction, we will be putting a triangular island there.”

“At the moment it looks pretty narrow when you are coming from Terry Coe’s end towards the hospital.”

“I would just like to inform the public that the road is now a single lane as you turn left to go down to Kaimiti Telecom station and then to the hospital.”

“When you come out you have to go on the left hand side and from there you can turn right or turn left or go forward.”

“We will put better signage out there to guide the traffic at the moment.”

Main road in terms of police criteria, is from Terry coe to Tuila says Clinton. 

The team will also be working on changes in the area to widen the main road.

As for now, members of the public are being reminded to drive carefully through these areas as the China road contractors are also completing the construction of the footpath at the Kaimiti junction area.

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