Spot the difference: What is wrong with Niue’s flag?

The different colour versions and size of the Niue flag used at funerals of former members of parliament

A country’s flag is arguably the number one recognizable and distinct symbol that identifies that country.  Recently for Niue, the flag has come under public scrutiny over the different versions used in official government events and ceremonies. 

The News team at the national broadcaster BCN has recorded over recent years the funerals of former MPs that there are different colours and sizes of the flags presented at the funerals to the families by the government in tribute for the years of service in the Fono Ekepule.

One version is light yellow with a green tinge and another version is more orange rather than the ‘golden yellow’ as prescribed in the Niue Flag Act of 1975.

Last week, Acting Premier Hon. Crossley Tatui said that the government shares the concerns by the public over the different versions of the flag used by the government for official business.

 “Your Government share the public concern that the flags have not had the same colour that was coded under law and patented. It’s a major concern because by law we are supposed to produce a flag that is in accordance to the specifications. It has not been the case”

In 2019 the light yellow and greenish version of the Niue flag was delivered to a funeral of a former minister, which was rejected by then Acting Premier Billy Talagi and government officials were told not to use that flag again. 

However, three weeks ago that flag was presented by the government to the family of the late Jack Willie Lipitoa, assemblyman of thirty-six years for Namukulu, the recognition for his many years of service to the country, was a Niue flag of the wrong colour.

Members of the public have also noticed that the right Niue flag with the correct colour and size was used at some of the funerals of former MPs, Ministers and Premiers of the Fono Ekepule but for some funerals, the ‘other incorrect’ versions of the flag was used.

Yesterday, Acting Premier Crossley Tatui told BCN News that he has spoken with the Speaker of the Fono Ekepule about these concerns with the different versions of the flag used at the funeral of former MPs.

Acting Premier Tatui assures that the government will address the issues with the various versions of the flag to ensure the correct flag is used from now on. They look to address this as soon as possible as the island prepares for the 50 years celebrations next year.

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