Premier Tagelagi addresses World Climate Action Summit at COP28 in Dubai

Premier Hon. Dalton Tagelagi of Niue | Photo credits: DW News/YouTube

Yesterday marked the start of the two day World Climate Action Summit held at the United Nations climate change conference COP28 in Dubai. The summit brings world leaders together to help in the fight against climate change that is impacting many nations across the globe. 

Today was the second and final day for the summit. Premier Dalton Tagelagi was one of the leaders who delivered his statement at the summit. It was his first address at COP28. 

In his statement, Premier Tagelagi emphasised the need for financial support in areas of loss and damage, adaptation and mitigation. 

“We call on to expedite now, access and release of climate finance. The delivery mechanism must be flexible and the mortalities reflect the vulnerability of our islands. I applaud those who have made pledges. Pledges must materialise today not tomorrow.”

Premier Tagelagi also highlighted the world first innovative financing instrument, the Ocean Conservation Commitments (OCCs), established under Niue’s first private-public partnership known as the Niue Ocean Wide Trust or NOW Trust.  

“This recognises the value of our ocean space under a strict protection, and as a global contribution to planet stability as well as a means to build resilience and a sustainable blue economy for our people.” 

“This is an example of a non-market mechanism under article 6.8 which we invite others in particular developed countries to step up and support so we can actually secure the necessary climate finance we so desperately need and deliver this in a way that will make lasting gains for our people, the region and the world.”  

Premier Dalton Tagelagi calls on world leaders to unite in solidarity and help Niue achieve a sustainable future through its efforts in addressing the impacts of climate change. 

“I am going to ask for your support of all countries and individuals represented here at COP28 in Dubai to unite in solidarity with the people of Niue in our efforts to address the impacts of climate change and to safeguard a more stable future for Niue and the Pacific Blue Continent.” 

“Together, we can create a more profound understanding and foster a collective action towards climate resilience,” says Premier Tagelagi. 

The World Climate Action Summit 2023 concluded today.

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