Niue establishes diplomatic relations with Fiji; strives to strengthen international presence and relationships with its Pacific family

Premier Dalton Tagelagi and Fiji's Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka signed communique establishing diplomatic relations in the Cook Islands. PC Niue government media Anzee Mougavalu

Yesterday in the Cook Islands at the 52nd meeting of the Pacific Islands Forum Leaders, Premier Dalton Tagelagi and Fiji’s Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka signed a joint communique establishing diplomatic and friendly relations between the two island nations. 

In a press statement, the government of Niue says “ This diplomatic relationship marks another step in Niue’s diplomacy as it strives to strengthen its international presence and relationships with its Pacific brothers and sisters. 

As part of this endeavor, both countries are poised to explore opportunities for collaboration in various areas, such as economic trade, culture, education, and technology.

Premier Tagelagi acknowledged the Government of Fiji for its commitment to regional stability and its shared commitment to foster cooperation among Pacific Island nations. He expressed his appreciation for Fiji’s efforts to promote regional integration and address the common challenges that the Pacific region faces.

While yesterday’s announcement formalizes diplomatic relations between the two island nations, Fiji and Niue have a long standing relationship because a large number of Niuean public servants were trained in Fiji either at the University of the South Pacific or at Fiji National University.

In recent years the Fijian community in Niue has grown as government agencies recruit teachers, nurses and media personnel from Fiji.

Local families have also provided employment opportunities for Fijians to work as nannies and providing at home care.

Fiji is the 26th country and only the fifth Pacific island nation that Niue has established diplomatic relations with, following the Cook Islands, Samoa, PNG and Tuvalu.

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