101 Niue High School students sit their NCEA external exams this year

Just over one hundred senior students of Niue High School will be sitting external NCEA exams this month

A total of 101 senior students of Niue High School will be sitting their NCEA external exams this month. 

The exams started on Monday this week with the Level 3 Statistics and Level 1 Geography exams and will continue until the 29th of November. 

This is also the first year that year 10 students will take their external exams in a pilot level 1 NCEA for Vagahau Niue. Thirty Year 10 students will be taking their NCEA external exams for Vagahau Niue next week.

According to the Deputy Principal of Niue High School Mrs. Moira Jackson, all the exams are being held at the multi-purpose hall with some subjects conducting digital exams in the ICT labs. 

In addition to the thirty Year 10 students taking NCEA external exams this month, there are twenty-six students Year 11 students, another twenty-six Year 12 students and nineteen Year 13 students taking their external exams.

BCN News would like to wish all the students the best with their external exams.

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