Niue bids farewell to Australia High Commissioner Louise Ellerton as she completes her term in service

Australia High Commissioner Louise Ellerton from February 2022 - August 2023

Australia’s High Commissioner Her Excellency Louise Ellerton completed her two years as the Australian government’s representative in Niue last Monday 14 August after serving in Niue since February 2022 last year.

Before departing the island last week, Louise hosted a small function to say thank you and farewell colleagues that she and her team have been working with since she arrived in Alofi two years ago. 

Louise Ellerton thanked everyone for the enduring relationship between the two governments. 

High Commissioner Ellerton said that she wanted to make sure that the Australia funded Water and Wastewater project had started before she leaves. 

Two years ago, she and her two young girls came to Niue, saying that her young daughter came to Niue very shy and reserved and she is now a confident little girl who is going to miss her friends at Niue Primary School. 

Throughout her term, Louise has worked tirelessly to strengthen the ties that bind both Australia and Niue together. Her commitment to building bridges has not only benefited the community in Niue but has also fostered a deeper understanding between our governments.

According to a government press release issued earlier this week, some of the key milestones that Louise was able to achieve during her term include trade agreements, joint projects, waste and water management, Australia awards pacific scholarship and diplomatic dialogues. 

Premier Dalton Tagelagi expressed his deepest gratitude for her term in service to Niue. 

“We are grateful for her dedication and the strong foundation she has laid for the ongoing friendship between our nations and we wish her and her girls safe travels as they return to Australia, she will definitely be missed, especially by the ladies”, says Premier Tagelagi.

The Government of Niue extends its best wishes to Louise and her family, who departed the island last Monday. 

While the appointment of the next Australian High Commissioner is yet to be determined, Mr William Powell will be in charge of the Australian High Commission Office in Niue until November 3, 2023.

Premier Dalton Tagelagi gifting Louise Ellerton a token of appreciation for her term in service as Australia High Commissioner to Niue since February 2022 to August 2023 at the farewell party

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