Two long serving MPs Terry Coe and Opili Talafasi will not be returning to the next Niue Legislative Assembly.

(Left)Opili Talafasi served 36 years as MP for Hikutavake and Terry Coe, 30 years as a Common Roll MP will not be returning to parliament after the general elections on Saturday

Two long serving politicians, who between the two of them served the island in the Fono Ekepule for nearly 70 years lost their seats last Saturday.

Terry Coe was elected to the Fono Ekepule as a Common Roll member in 1993 and was straight away made a Cabinet Minister in the Frank Lui government, where he served as Minister of Finance, Telecom and Public works among other portfolio until 1999. 

Since 1999, Terry Coe has been in opposition and for many years, was the only voice from the opposition. During his campaign this time, he told BCN News, that he wanted to be a Minister and that he is also waiting for the Tagelagi government to decide on a motion that he has been championing for many years, to change the international dateline, bringing Niue in line with New Zealand, Samoa and Tonga.

On Saturday Terry Coe lost his seat on the common roll, coming in at number 8 with 340 votes. Terry Coe is one of the most vibrant and passionate representatives of the people, whose voice is always heard in every Fono Ekepule, a voice that will be missed after 30 years of service for the people.  

Opili Talafasi was elected to the Fono Ekepule in 1990 and is one of the few members of parliament to have worked with all seven premiers of Niue since 1974, having served as the representative for the village of Hikutavake for 36 years. 

The seat of Hikutavake has for the most part one of the most contested seats, which led to a draw of a hat in one election, but  Talafasi held strong and continued to represent his village for 36 years. 

On Saturday he lost his seat by one vote to Ian Hipa in a three way race between Talafasi, Hipa and Lagaloga. 

Both Opili Talafasi and Hon. Terry Coe are commended for their many years of service to the island.

We wish them well in their retirement.

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