A great turnout for the Niue Wild Food Festival with 50 entries in total

The Niue Wild Food Festival took place last Thursday 20th April at the Niue High School multipurpose hall in Paliati. Local growers and farmers were seen at the hall with their wild food entries which had six different categories.

Facilitated by the Niue Growers in collaboration with the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF) and the Ministry of Natural Resources, the festival began at 6AM until it concluded at 12PM noon. 

The theme of the day was “to enhance, promote and conserve our traditional wild food genetic resources for our future.”

There were two sections being judged including first the different wild food varieties and second the wild food traditional dishes.

The six categories that were being judged included edible crops, fruit crops/plants, herbs, crustaceans, avian species (birds) and traditional food dishes. 

According to DAFF, there was a great turnout this year with more than 33 family entries for the different wild food varieties and 17 family entries for the wild food traditional dishes. 

The DAFF, Environment and the Niue Meteorological office conducted the judging component of the program. 

According to DAFF press statement, Niue Growers Association President Takili Talagi and Deputy Director for DAFF Natasha Toeono-Tohovaka expressed their sincere thanks to all the families that participated, despite the heavy rain the days leading up to the festival. 

“It was the first time an agricultural event was held at the NHS Multipurpose Hall which was a great and spacious venue to showcase all the categories of wild food crops and dishes displayed on the day.”

Earlier this week, the final results and placings of the categories were released. 

Here are some of the final results: 

Category #1Edible Crops
Hoi Fua Lanu1st Hita Paotoga, 2nd Sina Seumanu, 3rd Tuatea Heights
Ufilei1st Hine Makaia, 2nd Lisitose, 3rd A5 Tony Aholima
Kaluku1st Gelyka Poihega, 2nd Sina Seumanu, 3rd Tony Aholima
Pia 1st Tony Aholima A5, 2nd Sussanah Sionetuato, 3rd CJ & Errom
Category #2Fruiting crops/plants
Manini1st Susana Sionetuato, 2nd Peta Poihega
Talapo Niue Pekepeke1st Colin Etuata, 2nd Tuatea Heights, 3rd Sabina Fakanaiki
Loku1st Sima Tanevesi, 2nd equal Sabina Fakanaiki & Romanese Mulia, 3rd equal Pao Jnr & Tuatea Heights
Hoko Fa Vao1st Reekie Konelio, 2nd Lisitose, 3rd Peta Lavini
Category #3Herbs
Sipolo Niue1st Hine Makaia, 2nd Jelyka Poihega, 3rd Sima Tanevesi
Kamapui1st Tuatea Heights, 2nd Sabina Fakanaiki, 3rd Sima Tanevesi
Sipolo Vavau1st Tuatea Heights, no 2nd & 3rd
Sefito 1st Tuatea Heights, 2nd Susana Sionetuato, 3rd Reekie Konelio
Category #4Crustaceans
Ugamea1st Lisitose, 2nd Pua Tokimua, 3rd Pao Jnr Palahetogia
Kalavi 1st Pao Jnr, 2nd Romanese, 3rd Reekie Konelio
Kalahimu1st Lisitose, 2nd Pua Tokimua, 3rd Pao Jnr Palahetogia
Tausea1st Reekie Konelio, 2nd Romanese, 3rd Misikea Family
Category #5Avian Species
Moa Niue1st Misikea Family, 2nd CJ & Errom, No 3rd placing
Category #6Traditional Dishes
Tu hoiNo entry
Pitako Pia1st Peta Poihega, 2nd Meleamina Poiafati, 3rd Pete Sietu
Faikai1st Pete Sietu, 2nd Oscylina Kulatea, 3rd Colin Etuata
Polo Kaluku1st Pete Sietu, 2nd Poini Taufitu, 3rd CJ & Errom

Contact the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF) for the full final list of the Niue Wild Food Festival 2023 results.

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