Covid-19 update: Niue’s active number of cases finally drops after island experiences spike in covid infections

The number of people infected with covid-19 has been dropping consistently over the weekend. On Friday last week, the numbers dropped below 100 to 91 and had continued to drop over the weekend to 65 as reported yesterday Sunday January 15th. 

Nine people recovered and four new cases were also recorded from yesterday’s covid update. 

The passengers on last Friday’s flight have completed their Day 3 and final PCR test earlier today at the Niue foou hospital drive through.

The Niue Health Department also records the number of covid cases in each village. 

Since the January 4, Namukulu continues to hold its reputation as the only village who have yet to record a single case of covid-19.

The five villages with the highest count of active cases recorded since January 4 are Alofi South with 132 cases, Tamakautonga with 55 cases, Vaiea with 50 cases, Tuapa with 46 cases and the village of Alofi North at 45 cases.

Since March 2022, a total of 718 people have tested positive for covid-19 since the first case of the virus was detected on the island. 653 of those cases have been recovered.

Health and government officials are continuing to urge members of the public to remain vigilant and practice covid-19 health and safety protocols. If unwell, complete a RATs test and if positive, notify the Niue Public Health Division immediately and isolate until further health orders have been distributed.

More covid-19 information for Niue can also be found online at

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