Completion Ceremony of China-Aid Niue Broadcast Equipment Maintenance Project 

Photo credits: Tifaga Tupuiliu/Facebook

Earlier today, a brief completion ceremony was held at Fale Fono II marking the end of the China-Aid Niue Broadcast Equipment Maintenance Project. 

The project began five years ago in 2016 with the funding support from the government of China. Since then, the Beijing Zhongguang Broadcast and TV Engineering have supported and helped with the equipment maintenance for Niue’s Broadcasting Corporation (BCN). 

Today, Acting General Manager of BCN Esther Pavihi signed the letter of intent alongside Beijing Zhongguang Broadcast and TV Engineering’s representative Ni Zhi Jie. A signing which concluded the project while also looking ahead to future opportunities. 

“It was an honour to sign on behalf of BCN and for this to be witnessed by Premier Dalton Tagelagi, who is also Minister for Broadcasting and His Excellency Wang Xiaolong, Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China.”

China’s Ambassador Wang Xiaolong (back left) and Premier Dalton Tagelagi (back right) witnessing the signing between Beijing Zhongguang Broadcast & TV Engineering Representative Ni Zhi Jie (left front) and BCN Acting General Manager Esther Pavihi (right front) | Photo credits: Tifaga Tupuiliu/Facebook

“Today we acknowledge and thank Beijing Zhongguang Broadcast & TV Engineering Ltd for their technical support and maintenance of BCN’s broadcasting infrastructure over since 2016, initially a 5-year project, but due to the pandemic, we were finally able to sign the completion certificate today,” says BCN’s Acting General Manager Esther Pavihi. 

Esther also conducted the proceedings of the ceremony where she expressed, on behalf of BCN, her profound gratitude to the government of China for their help and support throughout the past years. 

“On behalf of the General Manager of BCN Trevor Tiakia, the Board of Directors and Staff, we say Oue Tulou, thank you to the People’s Republic of China for the completion of the Maintenance of Broadcasting Equipment project which started back in 2016,” says Esther. 

Cultural gifts were presented to the China Ambassador Wang Xiaolong and the representative of the Beijing Zhongguang Broadcast and TV Engineering.

BCN is preparing to meet with the team this week to discuss future opportunities.

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