Niue joins the EU Digital Covid Certificate (EU DCC) system

Photo credits: Office of the Secretary of Government NIUE/Facebook

In place of the covid vaccination letters from Niue foou hospital that were required for proof when traveling overseas, the government has announced on Wednesday that it will no longer be needed. Instead, it will be digitally available under the EU Digital Covid Certificate, otherwise the EU DCC system.

In a government press statement, the EU DCC system is internationally well recognized and used by many countries throughout the world and as Niue takes part in it, the small island nation will be able to reconnect with the world.

The EU DCC applies to all those who has received their covid vaccinations on the island. This means that Vaccine Travel Certificates for International Travel will replace the proof of covid vaccination letters.

In order to get one, a request form must be completed. This form can be retrieved from the Niue foou hospital or via email at 

Once completed, the Vaccine Travel Certificate will then be sent to the email stated on the request form. It will be valid for 12 months. 

Government welcomes all submissions even if you are not planning to travel. All applications will be processed every Wednesday at 3PM. Urgent travel requests can be arranged at the earliest submission.

According to Acting DG of the Ministry of Social Services Gaylene Tasmania, “the EU DCC system also means that Niue is well prepared to manage any new vaccine travel requirements that may be established in the future.”

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