‘Loud and proud’ was the Mutalau Village Showday 2022

The village of Mutalau is always proud to host their annual showday the weekend before the Gospel Day, and last Saturday their pride as a village was on full display as they hosted their showday.

The showday last Saturday was well attended by locals and visitors alike. 

Some of the people of Mutalau who are living abroad also took part in the day’s programme. 

A bustling crowd of locals and tourists at the Mutalau Village Showday

For the Village Council, representing the Village Council Maureen Melekitama said that the village is very happy for the improvements to the road, something that they had been calling for, for many years. 

The village representative to the Fono Ekepule Makaseau Ioane thanked the village for the bounty of fresh produce on display and for putting on another big and successful show day. 

The US Ambassador Thomas Udall and his wife Jil and their delegation were there and stayed right through. 

Also there were government ministers, NZ High Commissioner Helen Tunnah and Australia’s High Commissioner Louise Ellerton. 

It was a windy and wet day but the people stayed on to celebrate with the people of Mutalau watching the traditional coconut husking by the women and men, the winners of the competition going to Lakepa. 

And the ta tika competition was taken out by young Mutalau/Hakupu boy Rocky Ioane.

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