Ekalesia Kerisiano Niue commemorate 176 years of Peniamina Gospel Day

Ekalesia Kerisiano congregation at Millenium Hall commemorating Aho Peniamina

A historical Monday it was this week where the island and the Ekalesia Kerisiano Niue commemorated 176 years since Niue’s first missionary known as Nukai Peniamina brought Christianity into Niue in 1846.

The Ekalesia congregations of the island gathered at the Millenium hall in Alofi to remember this day where for the first time a special program was also held to award members and leaders of the church for their services over the years. 

Peniamina Day, held on the 26th of October each year since 1846 continues to be a historical commemoration for the people of Niue. 

Held at the Millenium Hall, Rev. Nukanuka Tauvehi conducted the program for the day. 

The congregation praised in song and worship as words of wisdom were shared amongst pastors and church leaders. 

Also for the very first time, the church held a presentation of awards (refer to images above) for church leaders and members who have served in the Ekalesia Kerisiano and have been recognised for their abundant work over the years for the church.

Nine awards were distributed in total which included six medals gifted alongside with the Tohi Tapu Niue and Lologo Niue hymn book. 

One of the bibles was gifted to the government’s Cabinet Minister Hon. Crossley Tatui. 

Minister Tatui expressed in his word of thanks how unfortunate he was to share that the government could not give a generous donation as such to the church but to not to be disheartened and to continue to give praise and worship unto the Lord. 

From the tithings donated and read from the treasurer of the day, an overall total of $85,607.20 were accumulated from all the 13 Ekalesia Kerisiano village churches, the church groups and families.

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