Tuapa Showday 2022 split: drive-thru and cultural handcrafts, agricultural produce and gardens display day

Mrs Faka Ikitule of Tuapa (right)

Despite the odds and disruptions to community events caused by the island’s covid-19 situation and alert levels, village showdays have continued to show resilience in maintaining their programme. 

The village of Tuapa Uhomotu did just that. In place of their planned village showday, and like Alofi South’s showday this year, Tuapa hosted a drive-through which only allowed people to pre-order food and pick up and collect on the day for the villagers who had food stalls. 

Tuapa’s village drive-through took place on Saturday 3rd September, two weeks ago. 

Despite only having to resort to selling food, the village had made plans to host a seperate display day for the women’s arts and handcrafts and the men’s agricultural produce. Amongst this was also the judging of the gardens. 

This display day took place last Friday 9th September outside their community hall. 

BCN News was able to speak with one of the Tuapa women, Faka Ikitule, who shared that it was beautiful to see the many displays of handcrafts, agricultural produce and gardens on the day. 

She hopes that their beautiful work and displays will continue for the new year ahead. 

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