Telecom Niue welcomes new CEO Anurag Tandon

Telecom Niue Ltd new CEO Anurag Tandon

Anurag Tandon is the new Chief Executive Officer for Telecom Niue Limited. 

Mr. Tandon was appointed by Telecom’s board of directors on the 25th of July, according to an email correspondence with Telecom Niue’s Chairperson Avivaka Rubin.

Hailing from India and with twenty-years of experience in the telecommunications industry, Mr. Tandon will be working with the telecommunications team to improve its services and commercial sector.

He is currently on a two-year contract with the industry.

Mr. Tandon was not ready to speak with BCN News after efforts to secure an interview with the new CEO.

Telecom Niue Ltd welcomes Mr. Tandon after months since previous CEO Brett Collier resigned.

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