Vaiea champs 7-aside futsal tournament two years in a row

A great number of talent and sportsmanship was seen at the Open Mens and Womens Futsal Tournament 2022. But the overall winners of the day, carrying on their championship title from last year, went to the Vaiea mens and womens team.

Taking place at the Niue High School Paliati grounds last Saturday, a total of 13 teams participated in the tournament; 8 teams for the Open Mens and 5 teams for the Open Womens. 

The teams were from villages including Alofi, Vaiea, Hakupu, Lakepa, and Tuapa. 

The Open Womens overall results were determined through the most points and wins from a game of round robins. 

Taking the championship title for the Open Womens was Vaiea, second place went to Tuapa and coming in third was Alofi. 

The Open Mens were split into Pool A and Pool B. The teams that made the semi-finals were Vaiea vs Tuapa and Hakupu Whites vs Alofi United. 

Vaiea won by 7 points to null with Tuapa. 

Alofi United won by 2 points to 1 with Hakupu Whites. 

In the finals were Vaiea vs Alofi for first and second placings. A tough final for both teams but in the end Vaiea came out on top scoring 2 points to 1. 

Hakupu forfeited third placing finals to Tuapa. 

First placings received a prize money of $300, second place received $200 and third placings received $100 in prize money. 

There were also five Most Valuable Players (MVPs) chosen overall for the mens and womens. 

The MVPs for the womens include Sariah Magaoa (Lakepa), Linay Tupau (Vaiea), Meleta Tupau (Vaiea), Esa Faitala (Tuapa), and Marina Faitala (Tuapa).

The five MVPs for the mens include Andre Kaufiti (Vaiea), Lionel Tuana (Vaiea), Asalei Wainiqolo (Alofi), Jack Feleti (Hakupu), and Sio Kapaga (Tuapa).

The Niue Football Association acknowledges “all the teams that represented their village communities on Saturday. Great show of sportsmanship on and off the field and great improvement of skills for both men and women players!”

“Congratulations to all the teams, most especially to the teams that battled it out to the end. A great day invested in Niue’s sports development, health and well-being! We acknowledge all the sponsors that helped to make the tournament possible.”

“The association is looking to select a development squad and hope to begin participation in regional competitions in the near future.”

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