Alofi South’s first street market ‘very successful’ says Robin Hekau

Village showdays are one of the well-known traditions for Niue since many years ago. But this year Alofi South chose to do something much different than the usual showday which was a street market. 

Last Saturday the villagers of Alofi South set up their stalls in front of their properties along the main Alofi roadside starting from Tukaiavi to Tufukia. 

Like the village showdays, the stalls were nicely decorated with balloons, flags, and colourful accessories. 

The street market began in the early morning and ended in the afternoon. 

A variety of food was sold including bbq, nane, raw fish, and sweet delicacies. A range of cultural arts and handcrafts were also on display for some stalls.

Alofi South’s Village Council Chairperson Robin Hekau says that the street market was “very successful.” 

BCN News asked Mr. Hekau to clarify whether the usual showday to a street market was changed due to the newly detected cases of Covid-19 and the opening of QFT travel. 

Robin says that the idea to do a street market was for “for a change and something new.”

First time in Alofi South’s history to host a street market in place of its village showday. 

It was a good day and turnout for the village.

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