Unauthorised foreign yacht sighted off the Alofi coast stays overnight

Moee yacht sighted off the Alofi coastline

Niue’s maritime borders have been closed since the outbreak of the pandemic began two years ago. But last Friday morning, an unauthorised foreign yacht known as the Moee was spotted on the coastline of Alofi bay last Friday morning. 

Chief of Police Tim Wilson spoke with BCN News yesterday morning who explained that the yacht was occupied by a single individual who was from France. 

Chief Wilson says that the individual arrived at Niue to take pictures. But due to the island’s maritime borders being closed, the Niue Police instructed the individual to leave.

Following the police’s instruction, the yacht left Niue. However, the vessel returned back to the island an hour later due to having problems with their sails. 

The police then allowed the vessel to stay on in Niue to get help and finally left the island the following day, last Saturday. 

Niue’s maritime borders continue to remain closed.

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