Advance notice of blasting at Tafalalo quarry

Project Manager Craig Smart

The work on the Airport upgrade project is progressing well according to Project Manager Craig Smart. The next key project milestone is the blasting at the government quarry at Tafalalo to produce aggregate.

A Shot Firer, an explosives expert is currently self-isolating and will be out on Monday next week in time to start the planning for the blasting.

In a public notice issued today, Downers provided advance notice to the public, particularly the people living in Alofi South that the blasting will start sometime next week.

“We realise this is an event of significant public interest but ask that people stay away from the quarry area and don’t attempt to view the blast. It is dangerous to do so”.

“During blasts, the roads will be closed either side of the quarry for approximately 30 minutes. Roadblocks manned by blast guards will be located 500m from the quarry. Blasts will not be visible from where the road is closed”.

Warning sirens will sound about ten minutes before the blast. “After the blast the site will be checked to ensure all the explosives have detonated correctly and then an ‘All Clear’ will be sounded”.

When the ‘all clear’ is given the blast guards will open the roads to the traffic again.

Craig Smart said that further public notices will be announced on Radio Sunshine next week when the Shot Firer is out of isolation, and they are in a better position to plan the blasts.

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