A multi-agency investigation team heading to Beveridge Reef today

Grounded fishing vessel, the FV CHUAN I SHIN at Beveridge Reef. Supplied GON

A multi-agency investigation team made up of officers from the Niue Police, Fisheries and Maritime are preparing to head to the Beveridge Reef to investigate the grounding of the Taiwanese fishing vessel FV Chuan I Shin two days ago.

Chief of Police Tim Wilson told BCN News that the team will be leaving later today.

“At this stage, we don’t know much about what happened, so we are going to conduct a routine maritime incident investigation there”, said Chief Tim Wilson.

Meanwhile, the eleven crew members have been transferred safely to another Taiwanese fishing vessel.

According to the government press release “The government of Niue is thankful for the assistance from New Zealand’s Royal Air Force, Rescue Coordination Centre and National Maritime Coordination Centre is coordinating the rescue.”

Acting Secretary to Government Gaylene Tasmania said that “Now that the search and rescue of the 11 crew are complete, the next stage of the operation moves to assessment and management of the wreck and salvage.”

The multi-agency team from Niue will be transported to Beveridge with the assistance of the Tongan Navy.

It will take the team around twelve hours to reach Beveridge Reef 125 nautical miles southeast of Niue.

Chief Timothy Wilson told BCN News that there is no set time at this point because the operation is also dependent on the weather, but the team will conduct their investigation and will compile their investigation report when they return.

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