Budget 2022/2023: Government Spending on Projects

In the new financial year starting July 1st, the government will be spending $5.9 million dollars on various ongoing projects with the funding allocated for several government departments and agencies.

A large portion of $2.4 million is allocated for administrative support and strengthening the governance capabilities of the public service.

Niue Tourism will continue to receive support in preparation for the opening of borders commencing on June 27th, with a budget allocation of $1.15 million dollars for the new year.

Health and Education are also allocated substantial project support of $640,000 for the health development programme and $550,000 for education support.

The community development programme to upgrade the bathroom facilities of the elderly, a programme facilitated by the Community Services division is allocated $200,000.

The private sector will also continue to receive support funding for the operations of the Chamber of Commerce and other economic stimulus packages for the business community with annual funding of $400,000.

The smaller projects include the waste management or rubbish collection contract of $80,000 under the management of the Environment Department is a regular feature in the government’s annual recurrent budget.

As well as support for organisations like the Niue Island Organic Farmers Association (NIOFA) allocated $50,000, the Niue Growers will have a budget of $60,000 and $50,000 for the maintenance of vanilla farms under the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.


NPSC Administrative Support$1,900,000
Tourism Support$1,150,00
Niue Health Development Programme$640,000
Education Support Programme$550,000
Strengthen Governance: Capability – NPSC$500,000
Private Sector Development$400,000
Community Projects – Community Affairs$350,000
Community Development (Bathroom Amenities) – Community Affairs$200,000
Waste Management – (Environment Dept)  $80,000
Niue Growers Association$60,000
Vanilla Maintenance (DAFF)$50,000
NIOFA (DAFF)$50,000
Feral Pig Management (Environment Dept)$10,000
Government spending on projects for 2022/2023 FY

In addition to the $5.9 million dollars, other major projects allocated funding include $2 million dollars is for part of the Airport Runway Project and the government’s asset maintenance budget of $1.3 million dollars.

The New Zealand government and other donor partners have contributed $10 million dollars towards the government’s large projects.

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