Homofiti in lockdown, while other passengers are released, annoys some who have consistently tested negative

Health Officials at the MIQ facility at Homofiti

There are no new cases of Covid 19 in MIQ after day nine tests were completed yesterday.

In a press release last night Premier Hon. Dalton Tagelagi says, “the positive cases at Homofiti and other passengers will remain in managed isolation quarantine (MIQ) facilities”. 

The passengers who tested positive on day one tests staying at Namukulu Cottages will be released on Monday next week after completing 14 days of managed isolation, while all other passengers were released at midday today.

“The cases that tested positive at Namukulu MIQ will be released on Monday, upon completion of their 14-day quarantine period as they will no longer pose a risk to the community.

“All other MIQ and Home Quarantine passengers who returned negative results are cleared to be released tomorrow at midday as they no longer pose a risk to the community.” 

The six active cases at Namukulu and at Homofiti remain asymptomatic.

The government’s decision to keep most of the MIQ residents in Homofiti who have consistently tested negative is annoying some of these people.

One resident who has tested negative since they arrived on March 22nd told BCN news that it was not fair that those passengers who tested negative at Namukulu were permitted to leave MIQ today while they at Homofiti are expected to stay on.

BCN news understands that the Director-General of Health and Social Services Gaylene Tasmania held a meeting via zoom this afternoon with the residents at Homofiti.

Brad Ikinepule said that this was the first time today that they have heard directly from the Director-General because they were not informed by government officials about the two new cases that tested positive on Monday.

“I respect that the Director-General is very busy but surely there should be some communication with us especially to tell us about the additional two new cases on Monday”.

“We found out from other residents here and the media reports, not from the government officials,” said Mr. Ikinepule.

Brad Ikinepule said that at the meeting today, the residents asked the Director-General to consider releasing them early, especially those who have consistently returned negative tests results. They will be informed at a later date if their request is accepted.

The government continues to advise that there are strictly no visitors to Homofiti.

All passengers in the other MIQ facilities NIC’s apartments at Tamakautonga, Kololi’s Guesthouse at Alofi, Taoke Fales at Lakepa, and the two home quarantine facilities at Alofi South were released at midday today.

According to the government statement “The island remains on Alert Level Yellow as the virus is contained in MIQ”.

Last week Premier Dalton Tagelagi told BCN News that the government is considering relaxing quarantine requirements in early May which may see passengers self-isolating in their homes.

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