Rainfall count for the island recorded this month affects some old government buildings, homes and roads

According to the records of Niue MET services, the rainfall count for this month has surpassed the record in February last year. The rainfall count from the beginning of this month up until yesterday has reached 300mm, compared to last year’s total rainfall count of 256.88mm for the month of February. 

BCN news reached out to the Director of the Niue MET Services – Rossy Mitiepo – to provide information explaining the heavy rainfalls we have been experiencing in the past couple of weeks.

“The South Pacific Convergence Zone has been active in Niue’s vicinity since January and February 2022.  A series of active troughs of low-pressure systems with associated cloud and rain caused heavy downpours. We are also in the normal rainy season. In addition, the current La Nina effect on Niue is known for enhanced rainfall or above normal rainfall,” explains Ms. Mitiepo. 

As a result of the heavy downpours, buildings and houses have been experiencing damages and leakages to their ceilings. 

Last week, BCN news cameras recorded major leaking during the presentation of credentials of the new Australian High Commissioner to the Premier and Cabinet Ministers at the Fale Fono. Part of the programme had to be moved due to the damaged and major leakages of the Cabinet chambers.

Homeowners are also experiencing major leakages to their ceilings due to the massive downpour of rain. 

Roads are also deeply affected by the heavy rainfalls which consequently increases the road hazards for vehicles as well as the surface of the roads, especially for the outer villages with greater road damages as seen with the potholes. 

The South Pacific Convergence Zone will ease down this week as Ms. Mitiepo says that we should be expecting fine weather in the next few days.

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