Police remind the public of water safety after a near-drowning incident at the wharf

The Police were called to an incident at the Sir Robert’s Wharf on Saturday evening last week when several young people found themselves in trouble in rough sea conditions.

Police Inspector and Acting Chief of Police Brent Ioane told BCN News that they were called to the scene when the young boys were swept out to sea.

“We were called out to an incident at the wharf on Saturday evening where a couple of young persons were swimming and found themselves swept out to sea due to the rough conditions of the channel,” explained Inspector Ioane.

These young boys are very lucky that there were other adults at the wharf to help them, but the Police say that the incident could’ve ended in tragedy.

“Luckily they were assisted back to the wharf by members of the public that witnessed what was happening and a disaster was avoided. There was potential for this incident to have a tragic ending which highlights the importance of safety on the water for everyone.”

Inspector Ioane said that the message is simple and clear, to keep out of the water if the sea conditions are rough.

“The message is simple, keep out of the water if the conditions are rough to avoid such incidents from occurring”, said Inspector Ioane.

BCN News understands that the three boys went to the wharf for a swim after the touch rugby tournament. The rough conditions should have deterred them from swimming, but they decided to go into the water and were quickly swept away by the currents.

It’s understood that someone who knew the area and the conditions of the wharf was able to rescue them.

Because of this near-drowning incident, the Police closed Sir Robert’s Wharf to the public on Saturday evening.

The conditions have since improved, and Sir Roberts Wharf is open again.

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