‘Incredible’ spells Alofi Mako’s victory at the Open Mixed Touch Tournament 2022

Once again, the teams that stood out the most in the Open Mixed Touch Tournament at the Niue High School fields last Saturday were Alofi Mako, Tuapa Prototype, Tama-Ava 1 and Hakupu 1. 

As these four teams battled out in the semi-finals, the two teams to make the final play were Alofi Mako and Tuapa Prototype. 

Despite how competitive and skilled both teams were, Tuapa Prototype was slightly behind Alofi Mako’s swift footwork and strategic play on the field. 

If there had been a slight chance that Tuapa Prototype could’ve changed the lead of the game, it would have been the mountains of rain that came pouring down on their second and final half of the game. 

However, Alofi Mako did not falter in making sure that they left the field as the winning team of the day. And as a result, Alofi Mako came out on top with Tuapa Prototype in second place, third place was Tama-Ava 1, and coming in fourth was Hakupu 1. 

The other 8 teams that also participated in the tournament include Alofi Legends, Alofi Rebels, Tuapa Sketch, Mutalau, Lakepa, Liku, Hakupu 2 and Tama-Ava 2. 

All teams played very well. The only issue of the day was the act of misconduct by two team players. 

One of the tournament organisers Lynsey Talagi told BCN news  that “After the second round of games, a player was dismissed for the rest of the day, and a player was suspended for one game.” She adds that “misconduct will not be tolerated”. 

The touch tournaments continue to be supported by Australia’s Pacific Sports Public Diplomacy Fund as well as local sponsors on the island. 

This Saturday will be the U21 Mixed joined with the Masters Mixed Touch Tournament at the Niue High School fields, hosted by the Niue Island Touch Association (NITA). 

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