Police remind Takai revellers to take care and not take unnecessary risks during Takai weekend

It is that time of the year again when the Police send out their reminder notices to the public about the takai weekend which starts on Friday.

In a press release, the Police said that they will be out on the roads in an attempt to ensure a safe takai. Chief of Police Timothy Wilson told BCN News that they need the message to get out to the public.

“The more the message gets out and the more frequent the better”.

Last year and in previous years, despite the Police warnings and reminders, people still flouted the rules but that was before the infringement notices and instant fines came into effect in June last year.

If motorists and revellers break the rules they will have to pay, ranging from $75 and higher depending on the severity of the danger of the actions.

Last year, there were reports of people riding on top of car bonnets and roofs while the vehicles were moving.

Chief Wilson says that he is hoping for compliance and for motorists and takai revellers to be reminded of the infringement notices and fines.

“Hoping for compliance but we do have our infringement notices this year for some of the more dangerous activities like riding on top of car bonnets and roofs”.

The Police are wanting to make sure that the message gets out there as widely as possible and have posted it on the Niue Police Facebook page, reminding motorists and takai revellers to take heed of the rules.  

  1. Wear your helmet when riding a motorcycle
  2. Do not drink alcohol and drive
  3. Do not drive if you do not have a driver’s license
  4. Passengers are to be seated in the vehicle at all times (please do not sit on the window openings)
  5. Do not ride on top of the car (especially on the roof or the bonnet)
  6. Please drive slow, especially in the villages
  7. Do not spray or throw water balloons at drivers, passengers or people riding motorcycles.

Takai weekend is a very popular event in Niue, where vehicles are decorated and the ‘old bombs’ are allowed on the roads just for the takai. It is a time when the people will travel around the island beeping horns, playing loud music in celebration of the new year.

Takai weekend will start on Friday this week traditionally on the last day of the Prayer Week.

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