Community shocked at video on social media of a bottle of rum in the hospital Emergency Department

A video on social media has shocked many people with some contacting BCN news to express their disappointment at the content of the video.

The video was uploaded to social media with the caption “When the Doc only charge by the Rum” was sent to BCN news this morning.

The video shows the person behind a camera holding a bottle of alcohol walking into the hospital Emergency department where a doctor is in the middle of performing surgery on a little boy.

Clearly visible is the face of the little boy with his genitals exposed in what looked like a circumcision in progress.

The video has since been taken down but according to the health department, the video was taken by the father of the little boy being circumcised.

Since the story broke, the father sent a message apologising for the video and taking full responsibility for the public reaction.

He said that he took the bottle into the ED without the knowledge of the staff.

The man said that “I literally thought “only in niue” which has kind of been the culture here and forgetting that there are protocols and rules in this profession.. I’m messaging for damage control and want to try make this right.. the damage is done and was never my intention to get anybody in trouble..”

The Director-General of Health and Social Services Gaylene Tasmania told BCN news that this is clearly poor judgment on the part of the father, but she had investigated the situation and wanted to assure the public that the staff were not intentionally involved in this incident.

DG Tasmania says that the staff are clearly stressed about this situation and for something that they did not intentionally participate in.

It’s understood the video has also been sent to the Public Service Commission.

Just yesterday the Fono Ekepule passed the Health Practitioners law with the purpose to register and certify medical practitioners on the island.

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