Telecom Niue CEO Brett Collier has formally declined the job offer as Director General for the Ministry of Infrastructure

BCN News was informed by reliable sources yesterday that Mr. Collier had formally declined the offer from the Public Service Commission for the post of Director-General of the Ministry of Infrastructure.

The Commission’s decision to appoint Mr. Collier as DG of Infrastructure came under scrutiny last week when the minister of Finance and sole shareholder of Telecom Niue Hon. Crossley Tatui said that he was not consulted or made aware of Mr Collier’s decision to apply for the post, nor was he consulted during the recruitment process of the Director-General position.

The minister was made aware two weeks ago when the Chairperson of the Public Service Commission verbally informed him as the minister of Infrastructure that Mr. Collier was to be his key advisor as the Director-General of the ministry.

The debacle has also highlighted gaps in communication between key institutions of the government, with Minister Tatui saying that he is “.. aware of the lack of communication, consultation and collaboration between government agencies and also in civil society organisations, this is something that we need to improve on” says Minister Tatui.

BCN news understands that Brett Collier was initially employed several years ago initially to work for Telecom as Project Manager for 4G system and in 2019 he was appointed as CEO with a contract term ending in 2023.

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