Teens to be vaccinated in October, no passengers in September, and Premier’s message to Niueans in Auckland and NZ to get vaccinated

Teens 12 to 15 years old will be getting their Pfizer vaccines during the next school holidays in early October. This is one of the decisions made by Cabinet at its meeting earlier today.

Premier Dalton Tagelagi this afternoon also confirmed that there will be no passengers on the 6th of September and very likely that there will be no passengers from Auckland for the whole month of September, however flights will continue to carry cargo from NZ and take passengers from Niue to Auckland.

Cabinet’s decision to suspend passenger flights is also due to the very low number of Niueans who’ve completed their vaccinations in New Zealand but particularly in Auckland.

Dr. Colin Tukuitoga confirmed to BCN News today that only about 20% of Niueans in Auckland are fully vaccinated. There are 12,096 Niueans in the eligible age group of 12 years and older who live in Auckland Tamaki Makaurau, only 2,423 have completed both doses. Just under four thousand or 3,967 have taken their first dose.

Dr.Tukuitoga is asking for community support to push the message ‘Vaccinate Niue’ and encourage family and friends in Auckland and New Zealand as a whole to get vaccinated.

Premier Dalton Tagelagi told BCN News “We are very lucky to have someone like Dr. Colin to help our people and help Pasifika communities in New Zealand respond to the impacts of Covid 19.

“I would like to thank Colin and his team of Niuean health workers driving this programme, not only in Auckland but in Wellington and other parts of New Zealand.

I encourage our people to please get vaccinated. As I mentioned time and again, they are not only protecting themselves but also us here.

If you don’t get vaccinated then you won’t be coming home”

Premier Tagelagi reiterated Cabinet’s decision two weeks ago that all passengers intending to return to Niue must be fully vaccinated.

When passengers are allowed back, they must provide a pre-departure negative Covid-19 test four days before departure and will be tested on day three after arriving in Niue.

BCN News will continue to update as more information comes to hand from the Fale Fono.

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