Retired Nurse Palahemoka Kalauni, Niue’s top female darts player

Palahemoka Kalauni of Hakupu played in the finals against one of the youngest darts players Ina Talaiti from Vaiea at the Niue Darts association’s Top 16 Female tournament held at Claytons Club on Saturday last week. (picture credit Lynda Tomailuga)

There were initially 17 top players from around the island so Nicola Puheke and Judy Seumanu played off for that number 16 with Seumanu taking the spot.

The top sixteen female darts players this year are Palahemoka Kalauni, Ina Talaiti, Nise Marie Jackson, Iva Paka, Suefane Touna, Sosthena Jackson, Tifi Tomailuga, Rubeth Seumanu, Lynda Tomailuga, Lara Soloma, Carol Tukuniu, Meletose Poiafati, Andy Manu, Debo Akeimo, Mokalita Heka, Judy Seumanu.

Darts is probably the most popular sport on the island right now and one where older women can compete with much younger competitors in what some are calling old school versus new school.

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