Parents reeling at NHS junior students suspended for vaping

Several students from Niue High School were suspended last week caught vaping in a school bus. Parents contacted BCN news to raise their concerns that vaping is still an issue with the school.

BCN sources said that they were informed by one of the suspended student’s relatives that their nephew was one of the students suspended for vaping on the school bus.

Apparently, the students are in the intermediate level of school from Years 7 and 8.

Parent’s concerns about these types of issues are rarely addressed effectively because of the absence of a representative body normally the school committee made up of parents or a PTA.

It’s understood Niue High school still does not have a PTA and the last time a PTA was voted was nearly ten years ago.

On Wednesday last week, BCN news sought confirmation from the Principal of Niue High School Charles Ioane, but did not receive any response from the school.

Unlike alcohol prohibitions where young people under 18 are prohibited from buying alcohol. BCN news reached out to the Niue Police and was told that when it comes to smoking there is no prohibition so young people can buy cigarettes and smoke or vape.

This issue of Niue High School students vaping while waiting for the school bus has been raised before by members of the public.

In February this year, Principal Charles Ioane asked for community cooperation to promote good habits in students after incidents of students vaping were reported to the school.

At that time the officials from public health and the Director of Health Dr. Eddie Akauola shared their concerns for the health of these young people from vaping.

Medical officials said that vaping was introduced as the supposed safe alternative to smoking tobacco but there is now a concern about the increasing number of people vaping on the island, especially young people.

Vapes and the oils used to be sold at the government’s Niue Liquor and Bond Store until the government banned it three years ago. In 2019, former Minister of Health Billy Talagi at the time announced the government’s intentions to ban vaping on the island.

It’s understood that people can bring in their own vape and oils from overseas and some are selling them.

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