Niue will welcome visitors when borders open again but they must be vaccinated

Premier Dalton Tagelagi says that it has always been the intention of his government that when the people on the island are vaccinated, and the borders are open to New Zealand visitors, it will be a requirement that visitors to Niue are vaccinated.

The premier says that it’s common sense that to protect our island, those who wish to visit us must be vaccinated. Tagelagi also said that he has extended an invitation to the frontline workers in New Zealand that if they need a break, then Niue will be the perfect place for a holiday, as long as they are vaccinated.

The government had also informed the public that starting from July 1st those arriving into Niue who are only visiting for work or visiting friends and relatives will be required to pay for their managed isolation and quarantine stay. This will cost each traveler $150 per night. Applications for home quarantine will incur an application fee of $20 effective also from July 1st.

There are exceptions for returning students and for returning resident on medical referral. For local residents traveling abroad, on your first trip you may stay in MIQ free but on your second trip you will have to pay.

Premier Tagelagi says that this will only apply from July 1st up until the borders will open and passengers will be able to travel in a two-way quarantine free between Niue and New Zealand.

The number of passengers allowed into Niue per fortnight remains at 40 and the Scenic Matavai Apartments is the primary MIQ facility. The government has secured other MIQ facilities on the east coast of the island in Lakepa to provide additional rooms. Home quarantine applications are being managed to around 10 per flight, as according to the Chief of Police Tim Wilson, they do not have the fencing and resources to mobilise to more than 10 home quarantine facilities.

Earlier in the year, Premier Tagelagi had estimated the borders to open up for two-way QFT around the end of August or September.

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