Premier disappointed with Wellington over the timing of the vaccine rollout

In what was supposed to be a happy announcement by the Premier on the roll out of the vaccine, he instead informed the members of the Fono Ekepule yesterday of his disappointment at the announcement from Wellington that Niue will receive the COVID 19 much later than what he thought was the agreed time of early June.

Premier Tagelagi was initially prepared to make the announcement that the vaccine roll out for Niue would begin in June and his preference of first week of June which he said was agreed to with Wellington, however new information received yesterday afternoon indicated a different time.

Instead, the Premier announced that Wellington had decided that the rollout of the vaccine will begin first in the Cook islands next week on the 19th May and Niue will follow six weeks later which is likely July.

Premier Tagelagi told the members of parliament that he was disappointed in what he said was toing and froing with Wellington saying that he will be seeking answers from the NZ government.

He explained that he had been asking for the vaccine for Niue to begin in April, then it was pushed to May and was confident it was finally agreed between the two countries that it would be in the first week of June.

The Premier went on to inform the assembly that he will proceed with his press release which was already prepared for announcement yesterday.

The press release announced the roll out of the vaccine to take place in June saying that the government of Niue is eager to vaccinate 100% of the eligible population.

The release stated the Premier saying that he would like the vaccine roll out to take place in the first week of June.

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