Formation of the parliamentary committee to look into Telecom Niue and BCN postponed

The Assemblyman from Tamakautonga Muiaki Ricky Makani asked the Fono yesterday to postpone the set-up of the parliamentary committee to look into the operations of Telecom Niue and BCN.

Mr Makani cited several reasons to postpone this saying that it would be preferred to wait until after the passing of the budget for the new financial year. The assemblyman said that it is very important to ensure that all three women members of the Fono Ekepule are present to allow them the opportunity to speak on this. Of the three elected female members Hon. Va’aiga Tukuitoga, member for Alofi North is currently in New Zealand.

Mr Makani also asked that the Assembly continue to discuss the expectations of this committee, saying he did not expect any urgency in the formation of this committee at this time.

Mr Makani’s motion which was supported by 7 members of the Fono Ekepule at its last meeting set a precedent in expanding the scrutiny of the Fono Ekepule into the operations of government entities.

Premier Tagelagi on News of the Week radio program last Friday said that he expects this committee and their members to be professional and not to involve their personal issues with the work of the parliamentary committee.

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