No room at the government quarantine facility and an increase in the number of home quarantine

Officials from the Office of External Affairs have confirmed that there are no available rooms at the government quarantine facility until mid July.

Government officials are asking that residents intending to travel to New Zealand should firstly contact their office to ensure they have a room to quarantine when they return.

Officials from the National Disaster Management Office (NDMO) also confirm that they are now seeing an increase in the number of home quarantine as compared to previous flights.

On today’s flight there will be 7 properties approved for home quarantine. The increase in the number of home quarantine is also stretching resources according to the NDMO officials such as fencing available.

The determination of home quarantine has also raised questions over the rights of homeowners to quarantine in their own homes if they have met all the criteria as some applicants even though they meet the criteria are unable to because of their village objections.

It’s understood that there are a few villages with specific requests to the government that there be no home quarantine in their villages.

It is also unclear at this point whether the government will add more government quarantine facilities in addition to the ten units currently available at Homofiti Matavai Apartments.

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