The appointment of the new chairpersons of Taoga Niue Council and Vagahau Niue Commission

The government announced yesterday 24 February the confirmation of the appointment of Ms. Sifa Ioane as the Chairperson of the Vagahau Niue Commission and Mr. Ben Pitasoni Tanaki as the Chairperson of the Taoga Niue Council.

Cabinet at its meeting on 28 January formally approved the appointments of the two chairpersons.

The Taoga Niue Council consists of a representative from the Vagahau Niue Commission, representatives from the departments of Environment, Education, Senior employee of the National Archives and Museum, presidents of the Council of Women and the Niue Youth Council and three members appointed who were not made known in the statement. However, BCN understands that Cabinet had appointed Nicola Funaki Puheke, former Minister Billy Talagi, and Ben Tanaki to the Taoga Niue Council. The Director of the Taoga Niue is the ex-officio non-voting member of the Council.

The Vagahau Niue Commission consists of Cabinet-appointed members, the presidents of the Niue Council of Women, Niue Youth Council, and the Directors of Education and Taoga Niue, a non-voting member. BCN sources say that Cabinet had appointed former Clerk to Assembly Moka Tano Puleoti and Reverend Navy Salatielu of the Ekalesia Kerisiano Niue to the Vagahau Niue commission.

Minister of Social Services Hon. Sauni Tongatule says that the government is pleased to support Taoga Niue in achieving its goals in the Niue National Strategic Plan (NNSP)

“Taoga Niue have its own three main strategic objectives to the promotion, strengthening and integration of Niue cultural heritage, language, values and identity and towards a healthy sustainable Niue”.

Ms. Moira Enetama, the Director of Taoga Niue extended her appreciation to the former members of both councils.

“We cannot achieve all strategic objectives within a three-year period and is only appropriate that we continue to collaborate and maintain our affiliations with all stakeholders towards the promotion and strengthening of taoga Niue matters”.

The Council and the Commission are established and mandated by the Taoga Niue Act 2012 and the Vagahau Niue Act 2012.

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