Niue wins 6 Gold and 3 Silver medals at the Oceania Powerlifting Championships

Team Niue of Alan Tano Puleoti and Sisi Ezekiel NgShiu won 6 golds and 3 silver medals at the Oceania Powerlifting Championships which were held in Whangarei from the 30-31st January. (Pictures by Faama Viliamu, PMN)

Sisi Ezekiel NgShiu from Mutalau, daughter of Malama Nilau’s daughter won 1 Gold and 3 silver medals in the Open women’s 84kg category.

Back Squat: 135kg – Silver medal

Bench Press: 80kg – Silver medal

Dead Lift: 185kg – Gold medal

Total Lift: 400kg – Silver medal

Sisi NgShiu has competed for Niue in previous competitions including some on the island.

Veteran lifter Alan Tano Puleoti won 5 gold medals having competed in the Masters level for lifters 60 to 64 years old.

Back Squat: 110kg – Gold Medal

Bench Press: 100kg – Gold Medal

Dead Lift: 170kg – Gold Medal

Total Lifts: 380kg – Gold Medal

Bench Press 105kg Division only: 90kg – Gold Medal

Speedo Hetutu of Powerlifting Niue told BCN news that World Niue Powerlifting Association will now aim to hold a national competition in the middle of the year as well as looking forward to the Constitution championships in October and the next Oceania powerlifting championships in December 2021.

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