“Stay indoors, this is not the time to cut trees” Chief of Police caution the public

The Chief of Police Tim Wilson is urging the public to stop trying to cut down trees. The Chief was on Radio this morning to get the message out because there are a number of people trying to cut down coconut trees and trees near their homes.

Chief Wilson says that this is not the time to cut trees. “We are now in Yellow Alert which means stay home and minimise movements around the island”.

The Police this morning witnessed several incidents of people trying to cut down trees and are warning that this is very dangerous because the winds are gusting at around 95km per hour and people are more likely to suffer injuries.

Information received just now from Cabinet and Parliamentary Services that the final sitting of the Fono Ekepule scheduled for tomorrow Wednesday 16th December has been postponed until further notice.

The message to stay away from the coastal areas remains in place. Sir Roberts which was just completed last week is taking a hammering with waves crashing over the wharf.

The National Disaster Council will meet again at 10 am this morning. In the meantime, the public is asked to call 999 for any major injuries or any emergencies and to call 4649 to report any fallen trees or debris blocking roads.

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