Women as young as fourteen are encouraged to screen for breast cancer

Women on the island are being encouraged to get tested for breast cancer. According to the public health records there are 71 women on the island who have been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Grizelda Mokoia, Niue’s head of public health says that “The data have shown that thus far the leading cause of death for females diagnosed with cancer is breast cancer followed by cancer of the uterus”.

Mokoia told BCN news “When we first started with all of these campaigns in 2015 we were sitting at 69 but now in 2020 we have increased slightly to 71 females who have been affected by this cancer. Mainly those above the age of fourteen years”.

Even with all the events packed constitution activities in October, the government’s health department and the Toaga Niue focused their annual walk for life event on promoting awareness of breast cancer.

Families and friends of victims of cancer and the community joined in last Thursday walking from the hospital to the bottom of Tapeu hill and back.

Ms Mokoia said that this year’s theme with Walk for life is ‘Making strides against breast cancer’ which aims to encourage more women and girls on the island to come forward to get screened for breast cancer.

The medical professionals advise is always to encourage women to get their breasts testing done. In Niue, testing can be done from girls as young as 14.  

The health department is also thankful for the Alofi South Pinktober event last month which provided them the opportunity to talk to the women and girls about the signs and symptoms to look out for.

They encourage women to come forward to get yourself screened and to know what the signs and symptoms are to protect themselves because early detection is always very important.

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